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Can A Chimney Get Repaired In Winter?

In icy weather, masonry is more vulnerable than ever to damage. Homeowners often find themselves asking, can chimneys get repaired in winter? The answer is yes, but. The “but” is important to stress that only emergency repairs should be done in wintry temperatures, even in typically sultry Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. To learn the “why” behind the “but” and more, read on.

Curing of Masonry Materials

Until modern advancements changed things, legitimate winter masonry repair was not possible. That’s because masonry materials could not cure in wintry conditions with temperatures below 40ºF. Nowadays, products used to make chimney masonry repairs can work in below-freezing temperatures. However, doing so is more expensive and a bit of a compromise on the potential durability of the work.

The reason it is more costly to schedule chimney masonry repairs in winter has to do with the added effort involved. Tarps and heaters are used to create an acceptable environment for the materials. The bricks must be warmed to a certain temperature during winter masonry repair. This contributes to the curing of the building material.

Ultimately, however, the curing of materials that occurs in summer or fall has superior quality to the work being done in winter. This fact has nothing to do with performance on the job, as long as you hire CSIA-certified chimney sweeps for chimney masonry repair in winter. It’s because warmer temperatures are ideal for the curing process.

When is the Best Time for Chimney Masonry Repairs?

Any type of needed masonry repair you are aware of should be scheduled before the arrival of the winter season. This is for the reasons above plus you also get the added benefit of scheduling repairs that are more convenient to your schedule. Due to the not-uncommon practice of procrastinating on chimney maintenance, trusted chimney sweep companies like Guardian Chimney Sweep are more heavily booked in winter than any other time of the year.

When are Winter Chimney Repairs Necessary?

Anything that allows moisture to infiltrate the chimney masonry is a problem that demands emergency chimney repair, no matter the season. If cracks develop in your masonry, schedule chimney repairs as soon as possible.

When masonry is cracked, evidence of moisture can also show up in the home interior. Water stains can develop on ceilings and walls close to the fireplace. Metal chimney components can rust, and deterioration of the chimney flue could be accelerated.

If your chimney cap is damaged or if there is no chimney cap, repair or replacement of the chimney cap is needed as quickly as possible. A chimney cap is the first line of defense against moisture intrusion simply because it prevents rain, sleet, and snow from falling directly into the chimney.

Chimney flashing is the metal part of the chimney, and its job is to create a waterproof seal between the chimney and the roof. When flashing is damaged or missing, a chimney leak can develop and bricks can be destroyed by moisture intrusion.

How Does Moisture Affect Chimney Masonry?

Moisture is highly destructive when it gets into masonry. After moisture infiltration has occurred, the real problem happens during freezing and thawing cycles in winter. The water inside the bricks expands and contracts, creating movement. Bricks are unable to survive this activity, and they will eventually deteriorate to the point of total collapse. A leaning chimney is virtually always evidence that moisture has entered the masonry. Every affected brick must be removed and replaced.

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