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When Chimney Flue Tiles Crack, Repairs Are Vital

When your fireplace was constructed, cost effective clay tiles were likely used to build the chimney flue. After about 25 years max, you may learn there’s a problem and find yourself asking why chimney flue tiles crack. When deterioration has occurred, chimney flue repair is essential, even if there is only a small flaw. Learn more details below and if you live in or around Houston TX or Conroe TX, call the certified chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweep for chimney flue repair or chimney liner replacement.

Clay Flue Liner Tile Repair in Houston TXThe Purpose of the Chimney Flue

The vital purpose of the chimney flue aka flue liner is to contain the heat and toxic fumes created by combustion byproducts. The chimney draft draws the smoke up through the flue to the outdoors unless something is hindering the draft. When chimney flue tiles crack, one of the potential results is that the strength of the draft is diminished, resulting in a smoky fireplace.

Flue damage cancels out the liner’s effectiveness. Heat will penetrate combustible parts of the home, which can result in a house fire. Also, toxic fumes will seep into the living area of the home, which can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is among the fumes produced by fires, and it is especially dangerous because it can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled.

When symptoms finally result from carbon monoxide exposure, it is often too late to escape to safety.

Why Chimney Flue Tiles Crack

Damage resulting from normal wear and tear is the primary reason why chimney flue tiles crack. Combustion gases are corrosive and can also be acidic, resulting in chimney flue damage. Poor construction is another cause of cracked chimney flue tiles. If the flue liner is the incorrect size for the appliance, deterioration will be accelerated due to increased moisture and the presence of creosote deposits.

Signs of Damaged Flue Tiles

It can be very difficult to determine whether flue tiles are damaged. They are largely unseen inside the chimney. Only after a chimney inspection are homeowners usually advised that chimney flue liner repair or replacement is vital. During a Level 2 chimney inspection, a special video camera is used to get a close look at the flue liner from one end to the other.

Stainless Steel Chimney Relining in Conroe TXHow to Repair a Cracked Chimney Flue

Repairing clay flue tiles usually doesn’t make sense because the process is very expensive and would need to be repeated as the tiles continue deteriorating. Chimney sweep professionals usually recommend that you schedule installation of a stainless-steel chimney liner as a replacement for the damaged flue.

The liners sometimes have a lifetime warranty, and chimney liner replacement is easy and affordable when you have a stainless-steel chimney liner installed.

Contact Guardian Chimney Sweep for Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney flue tiles crack and deteriorate eventually, and repair or replacement is crucial to the safety of your home and family.

The certified chimney professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweep can help with all chimney services that may be needed. In addition to chimney inspections and chimney liner repair and replacement, we offer flashing repair, chimney masonry repair, chimney cleaning, and fireplace installation. Call us at one of the numbers that follow or fill out our convenient contact form today.

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