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How to Minimize Costs on Chimney Crown Repairs

When chimney crown repairs are needed, any delay could mean disaster. The white part at the top of your chimney needs to be intact, but it is highly vulnerable to the elements. When cracks develop and chunks of the chimney crown break off, destructive moisture is able to enter the chimney system. The services of certified chimney sweeps like those at Guardian Chimney Sweep in Houston TX can prevent calamitous events like this. Read on to learn why the chimney crown is essential and how to strengthen its reliability while reducing the overall costs of chimney crown repairs.

Chimey Crown Repair, Spring TXWhy are Chimney Crowns Important?

Chimney crowns are among the chimney components that help keep moisture out of the system. Moisture is Enemy Number One for masonry. When water seeps into a brick, the moisture expands and contracts during freezing and thawing cycles in winter. Small cracks grow into large cracks and “spalling” occurs. Spalling is the peeling and breaking off of the bricks, and it causes deterioration of the mortar, as well. Bricks containing moisture are destroyed over time. Eventually, the chimney will begin
to lean and there is real potential for a chimney collapse. The entire destructive process occurs when chimney crown repairs and other forms of necessary chimney maintenance are neglected. Keeping up with repairs is far more economical than a chimney rebuild.

A Disturbing Statistic

The vulnerability of a chimney crown is often heightened because the wrong materials and methods are used to construct it. According to some experts, fewer than 1% of all chimneys are crowned properly. The issue arises when a chimney is built by a
bricklayer who lacks the proper training and knowledge. Most bricklayers simply use brick mortar for chimney crowns. The mortar is suitable for bricklaying but not for chimney crowns. The result is that severe damage occurs far more rapidly than it would if the proper materials were used. It is also important for the crown to be built with a slope, which bricklayers are often
unaware of. In addition, an element of “overhang” is needed to protect the chimney face from moisture that drips off of the chimney crown.

Cost-Cutting Chimney Crown Solutions

Schedule Annual Chimney Inspections

A dependable way to monitor the condition of chimney components is to schedule annual chimney inspections. However, there is no guarantee that a chimney crown constructed with the wrong materials will hold up for another entire year. A chimney sweep with experience and training can advise you about the condition of your chimney crown and the probable strength of the materials with which it was made. A chimney crown rebuild is always recommended when it is discovered that it was built improperly.

Seal the Chimney Crown

Sealing the chimney crown adds an additional layer of protection to help minimize the need for chimney crown repairs. However, the life of the chimney exterior in its entirety is extended in this way. A qualified chimney sweep should first inspect and evaluate the chimney to determine whether water damage has already occurred. A sealant should only be applied to a chimney that is free of moisture intrusion.

Custom Full Chimney Cap, Houston TXHave an Outside-Mount Custom Chimney Cap Installed

A chimney cap is a basic and vital accessory that every chimney needs. If you invest in an outside-mount custom chimney cap, you also get added protection for your chimney crown. Not only does it prevent rain from going down into the flue pipe, but an outside-mount custom chimney cap extends the life of your chimney crown by protecting it from the elements. It’s another way to reduce spending on chimney crown repairs.

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