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What Are The Benefits Of Chimney Flashing?

So, you ask, what is chimney flashing? Before discussing the benefits, let us talk about what it is.

Chimney Flashing Repairs in Spring TXChimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is a metal layer sheet installed around the chimney’s base. It is secured where the roof and the chimney meet. With this connection, there is a watertight seal. The chimney flashing is an important part of the chimney. It protects your roof and home from moisture, debris, snow, and rain. Harsh weather can cause damage not only to the outside of your roof but also to the inside of your home. Your home’s attic, ceiling, and walls are susceptible to damage. 

Parts of the Flashing

The flashing has three parts to it.

  • Base layer – This is the part attached to the roof and the base of the chimney. It is the first defense to establish a watertight seal for the chimney.
  • Counter or cap flashing – This layer of the flashing is metal-shaped in an L. This piece of metal is attached to the mortar joints of the chimney. The effect is to allow water to run outside the chimney, away from the house and chimney.
  • Step Flashing – This is the final step to ensure a watertight seal. This is also L-shaped, securing both the chimney and the roof, under the shingles. This step is the final step to secure the protection of the chimney and roof where they join.

Benefits of a Secure Chimney Flashing

As you can see, chimney flashing protects your home from moisture. The chimney flashing is a vital part of the chimney system. The chimney flashing’s main role is to protect the chimney, roof, and the interior of your home from water damage. If water gets into your home, you will run into all types of problems. Water travels in different ways, you may not even see it. There may be a leak from the chimney that you are not aware of. If left for any particular time, mold and mildew can form. Wood also will start to warp if moisture does not have the opportunity to dry out. 

You may also see damage from water on the ceiling near the fireplace. Water may seep in through the chimney and roof if the chimney flashing is not secure. The chimney flashing is not a lifelong part of the chimney structure. Age will change its overall stability. The weather will also be a determining factor in the stability of the chimney flashing. If you have brutal winters with snow and ice, there may be a deterioration of the chimney flashing. 

Chimney flashing inspection in Houston TXIt is recommended to have a chimney inspection and sweep annually. The flashing can be looked at and if repairs are necessary, they can be done promptly, before damage is done. 

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