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How to Prepare Your Home for Chimney Sweep Services

chimney sweep appointment, Magnolia txFireplace and chimney cleaning and inspections are necessary to safely enjoy crackling fires in winter, but there is no need to stress about a possible mess. You just need to know how to prepare your home for a chimney sweep visit. Take the following steps to help ensure tidiness and avoid mishaps while the dirty deed is done.

A Cool Chimney is a Must

Before the scheduled arrival of a chimney sweep, it is best not to use the fireplace for 24 to 48 hours. Chimney sweeps require a cool fireplace and chimney to perform routine cleaning and inspections. The fireplace should not contain warm or glowing embers, and the interior masonry should be cool to the touch. Unless you are recycling the fireplace ashes for gardening purposes, you can leave them for the chimney sweep to remove.

Clear a Pathway

Professional chimney sweeps are dedicated to caring for customers’ homes. High-powered vacuums and other industry tools are used to clean the soot and creosote from chimneys as neatly as possible. Experienced chimney sweeps can minimize the escape of particulates. This is important because it is impossible to fully seal off the chimney flue during the chimney cleaning process.

Professional chimney sweeps who arrive at your home are concerned about protecting your carpets and other furnishings. It is very helpful if you will prepare an unobstructed path to the fireplace. Moving some of your furniture may be necessary. This will help to ensure that the tools of the trade brought inside don’t soil anything or break fragile items. Clear a 6-by-6 ft area around the fireplace opening, if possible.

Include easy access to an electrical outlet in your preparations for the chimney sweep’s arrival. It’s fine to use an extension cord, as needed.

Remove Fireplace Components

Empty the firebox ahead of time by removing the fireplace grate and any remaining logs. Place fireplace tools away from the hearth area, as well.

Clear Off the Mantle

Vigorous work is involved in chimney cleaning, and delicate things could be inadvertently broken or damaged. Any fragile items on the mantel and elsewhere in the vicinity of the fireplace should be moved a safe distance away.

Protect Floors and Upholstery

It’s normal for small amounts of soot to escape the chimney during the process of chimney sweeping and inspections. The best protection against soot deposits on furnishings involves covering upholstery with sheets, blankets, or towels. The items you use to cover the furniture can be tossed into a washing machine to remove soot deposits.

smoky fireplace, the woodlands txReport Problems

Be prepared to advise the chimney sweep about any concerns related to the fireplace and chimney. Common concerns include foul odors, a smoky fireplace, evidence of chimney leaks, and poor ventilation of combustion fumes.

Keep Pets and Small Children Safe

If needed, plan to keep children and pets from the room while a chimney sweep is working. Soot and creosote deposits in chimneys are toxic as well as messy.

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Homeowners who know how to prepare for chimney sweep appointments enjoy greater peace of mind, and unnecessary accidents can be avoided. The qualified chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweeps are CSIA-certified. Thanks to their training, experience, and quality tools of the trade, they have what it takes to protect your home from messy creosote and soot. Contact Guardian Chimney Sweeps today for chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, and more.

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