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Chimney Rebuilding In Houston TX

chimney masonry repair in Houston TX

Neglecting chimney maintenance in Houston TX virtually always ends up costing a homeowner more than routine upkeep. For example, the need for chimney rebuilding can virtually always be prevented by scheduling routine chimney maintenance and care. Houston TX chimneys are highly vulnerable to moisture intrusion, and the worst part of it is that moisture causes the destruction of the masonry.

chimney rebuild in Houston TXChimney Rebuilding

The primary reason chimney rebuilding in Houston TX is needed is because moisture has entered much of the masonry system. Once water gets into the masonry, winter freezing and thawing cycles create a destructive process. The water inside the bricks expands and contracts, and the movement breaks down the stability of the masonry. As a result of this process, the chimney will begin to lean and could collapse completely. When chimney rebuilding is needed in Houston TX, many homeowners already know that Guardian Chimney Sweeps is the only chimney sweep company they trust with major as well as minor chimney repairs.

Houston TX Chimney Brick Repair

In addition to moisture intrusion, chimney masonry can be damaged by harsh weather conditions, significant weather events, a shifting foundation, everyday wear and tear, and mechanical damage such as installing an antenna on the chimney. Contact the CSIA-certified chimney sweep professionals at Guardian Chimney Sweeps for the best in chimney brick repair services in Houston TX.

Tuckpointing in Houston

Mortar does not last as long as masonry in Houston TX and elsewhere. In fact, there’s no comparing their lifespans, which are 25 years at most for mortar and a century or more for masonry. Once mortar begins to deteriorate, moisture can work its way into the masonry system. If the issue of mortar damage is caught early, before moisture intrusion has occurred, then a cost-saving strategy called tuckpointing can be used. The way tuckpointing works is that the old mortar is scraped out and then replaced with new mortar. Our skilled chimney sweeps at Guardian Chimney Sweeps ensure that when the task is completed, the mortar has a uniform color throughout the chimney. Our tuckpointing services in Houston TX provide renewed chimney stability, a like-new appearance, and protection against moisture.

chimney crown repair in Houston TexasCement Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the white cement part of the top of the chimney. The function of a chimney crown is to prevent moisture from getting into the chimney system between the chimney flue and the chimney exterior. Chimney crowns are quite prone to crack and deteriorate. At Guardian Chimney Sweeps, we use CrownSeal for crown repair, and it forms a protective membrane.

The flexible membrane not only repairs the chimney crown but also helps to protect it from water intrusion. The most economical way to maintain a cement chimney crown is to keep up with annual chimney inspections, which are recommended by fire safety experts. When the deterioration of a cement chimney crown is too extensive for repairs to work, a chimney crown rebuild in Houston TX becomes necessary. Many Houston homeowners needing a chimney rebuild find that they are at least happy to know that Guardian Chimney Sweeps will provide top-quality chimney services at affordable prices.